Photo credit: Nathan Hardy (personal photographer)

Photo credit: Nathan Hardy (personal photographer)

Howdy! I'm Kelsey. 

I'm an artist/illustrator based out of Austin, TX. Here you'll find a collection of queens, cacti, and other things that make me happy (i.e. foods, dogs, etc). 
I'm originally from El Paso, TX - where the biggest part of my heart remains. To cope with the ache of being homesick, I like to base the majority of my work on my family, Hispanic culture, and the desert. 
My creative goal is to produce whimsical imagery by using traditional painting techniques, a vibrant palette, and asking myself "how many tiny prickly pears can I fit on this Chihuahua's head?" 

In addition to my original artwork, I love to paint portraits. If you're interested in commissioning something (pets, kids, pet-kids, etc.) head over to my "contact" page to submit a form. OR you can just shoot me a message: me@kelseykilcrease.com

I also have a "commission" page with some portrait examples and available sizes/prices. 

Thanks for visiting my site! I hope you enjoy it.